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Sarah Belle Bridal

Swindon and Southwest Wedding & Prom Gowns

Swindon and Southwest Wedding & Prom Gowns

Cus­tom­er Service

We Love What We Do

We love what we do and are com­mit­ted to giv­ing first class cus­tom­er ser­vice. We will treat you as our most import­ant cus­tom­er. We will go flat out to cre­ate a mem­or­able and spe­cial exper­i­ence for you.

So, what can brides-to-be expect?

  • Inform­a­tion Gathering

    When you arrive we will greet you warmly and con­firm when and where your occa­sion is, what style you have in mind and your budget.

    It’s import­ant at this stage to be real­ist­ic. But whatever your lim­it, the chances are we’ll eas­ily bring you in with­in budget. Once we have an idea what you’re look­ing for, we’ll explain what we have in stock and invite you to delve through our extens­ive range.

    Try­ing on:

    You can try as many dresses as you want, but your pre­ferred style and the time avail­able will nor­mally dic­tate how many. We alloc­ate a min­im­um of 2 hours for each bridal appoint­ment on week­days and one and a half hours at week­ends. Cus­tom­ers have the pri­vacy of our fit­ting rooms to dress, often with the help of a com­pan­ion …but we are still on hand if you need help to dive into a dress and, of course, for the doing-up part.

    Once you’re in the dress and happy enough to come out of the fit­ting room to take a bet­ter look in our large mir­rors, we’ll walk with you to the magic box’. It adds height and allows you to see how the dress will look once the hem is cus­tom fitted.

    At this point we’ll chat through with you how the dress looks and feels, how it com­ple­ments your fig­ure and any improve­ments that we might recom­mend. If you are happy and this is poten­tially the dress for you, we’ll then look for a suit­able bridal tiara or hair­piece. Sparkle in your hair helps lift the sparkle in your dress and helps light it up. 

    We’ll also try a veil. Don’t under-estim­ate the power of the veil! We see a lot of brides who say they don’t want to wear a veil, but when they try one on, they instantly change their minds. A veil helps to frame a dress, and it cre­ates a dream-like halo. It can add extra sparkle and detail to the back of the dress and act as a com­fort blanket to those who aren’t con­fid­ent in expos­ing their shoulders and upper arms. You’d be amazed at how many brides (and their mums) are moved to tears when the veil goes on!


    Assum­ing we’ve found the dress to match your dreams, we’ll meas­ure you or agree to a date when to meas­ure and have your dress made. 

    Many brides who have planned well in advance like to have of anoth­er month or two to reach their per­fect bridal shape and weight (or be on track to achieve it). Where this is the case, we will tell you the last pos­sible date to get your dress on order, agree a date with you to come back for final meas­ure­ments, and take a 30% depos­it to secure the design with the design­er (that is, to place the order but without the size).

    Once we have final meas­ure­ments, we will agree with you when you would like your dress in the shop – a min­im­um of 12 weeks before the wed­ding and a max­im­um of one year – and request a 50% depos­it to place the order for your dress to be made.

  • As soon as your dress is received from the Design­er (nor­mally with­in 3 weeks either way of the estim­ated date of arrival we quoted when you ordered) we con­tact you to book an ini­tial fit­ting of the dress.

    If the dress has arrived with­in 6 weeks of the actu­al wed­ding date we book you straight in with the dress­maker; if not, we ask you to come in and try the dress to make sure it is where-we-expec­ted-it-to-be. e.g., that you haven’t bizar­rely grown five inches in height since we took your final measurements!

    From the ini­tial fit­ting we will have an excel­lent idea of any final nips and tucks that may be needed just before the wed­ding to make your dress per­fect. Fol­low­ing the fit­ting, we will book you an appoint­ment with our Dress­maker and let you know what you will need to bring with you.

    By the time of your ini­tial fit­ting you’ll prob­ably have a good idea of how you will be wear­ing your hair on the day, your dress will be fit­ting well (all bar the fin­ish­ing touches), so now will be the time to decide on shoes, hair­pieces, veils, gloves, jack­ets, etc…

    Once we’ve agreed on a plan of action con­cern­ing alter­a­tions and accessor­ies, we will ask you to clear the remain­ing 50% of your bal­ance or plan with you when the bal­ance will be cleared. 

    Alter­a­tions can­not be made and dresses released before the bal­ance is cleared. 

  • We recom­mend that you see the Dress­maker between 6 and 8 weeks before the wedding. 

    At 6 weeks before your wed­ding you will be close to the body shape and weight you will be on the day of the wedding.

    Remem­ber we already had an ini­tial fit­ting so we know what to expect and we have fore­warned the dress­maker to ensure the work is scheduled.

    At the fit­ting, the Dress­maker will take exact instruc­tions as to the alter­a­tions required to make the dress per­fect for you and will quote a price and time frame to you.

    You are not obliged to use our dress­makers and are free to source your own seam­stress for any required alter­a­tions. This does not affect your rights with regards to stor­age and final steam­ing of the dress before the big day, and you are wel­come to pick up the dress and drop it back to us by pri­or arrange­ment. How­ever if you do use your own seam­stress we can­not guar­an­tee to assist in cases of dam­age or dispute.

  • Final Fit­ting:

    This is nor­mally man­aged dir­ectly between the bride and the dress­maker. Pay­ment is made to the dress­maker once you are happy with the fit of your dress and it should be in-line with the quote you received at the ini­tial fitting. 

    This approach saves every­one time and money. The dress­makers are nor­mally will­ing to see you out­side the shop’s nor­mal open­ing times and are able to give you their undi­vided atten­tion. If, how­ever, you are not happy or it’s not con­veni­ent to vis­it the dress­maker dir­ect, we will be happy to facil­it­ate the pro­cess in its entirety in the shop.

    The pur­pose of the final fit­ting is to make sure that the dress fits you per­fectly. It’s import­ant that you speak up if there’s any­thing you’re not happy with: the dress­makers can work won­ders and they want, as much as we all do, for you to look per­fect and feel won­der­ful on your great day.

    Once you’ve agreed with the dress­maker that you are happy with your dress, the dress will be delivered back to the shop by the dress­maker for final preparation.

    Not all dresses will neces­sar­ily require a final steam. If you’re ecstat­ic with your dress and just can’t wait to get it home, you are wel­come to col­lect it dir­ect from the dress­maker. If, how­ever, you don’t want the stress of stor­ing your dress until the wed­ding, we are more than happy to store it (and in most cases we do so).

    It’s import­ant to us that all our dresses and brides are treated superbly; we main­tain reg­u­lar con­tact with the dress­maker dur­ing the alter­a­tions pro­cess to make sure everything is going to time and plan. If, at any point in the pro­cess you are not happy or sure with the plan, then it’s really import­ant to let us know in the shop as soon as possible.

  • This is the sad part for us and the excit­ing part for you! In mak­ing your appoint­ment with the dress­maker, we will have agreed a date and time with you to pick up your dress (or dresses). 

    This isn’t set in stone and should you need or want to bring the date for­ward or push it back then just let us know in plenty of time.

    Two days before your pick up we will give your dress a final inspec­tion and steam, let­ting it dry freely overnight.

    When you pick up your dress we will make sure you under­stand how it should be hung for trans­port­a­tion, what you need to do when you get home and how your dress should be done up on your wed­ding day. 

    There is noth­ing worse than an incor­rectly cor­seted dress, even a zipped dress can cause unne­ces­sary stress on the wed­ding day if it is not done up prop­erly. So pay atten­tion, and make enough time on the day! 

    Then its hugs and kisses and pleas from us to see your wed­ding pics when you finally return to Earth!

    Short-term park­ing (if only a couple of minutes) is avail­able to the front of the shop and we’ll help you load your dress in the car to cause the least amount of creasing. 

    Allow enough room in the car to get your dress hanging flat – for instance, from the rear suit jack­et hook and across the entire back seat, or across the pas­sen­ger seat fol­ded down to the flat or near flat pos­i­tion. Don’t plan to pick up the monthly shop from Tesco’s on your way home – and ideally don’t load the car with dogs and children!