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Brides­maids & Flowergirls

  • Linzi Jay EC302
    Linzi Jay EC302
  • Linzi Jay EN049
    Linzi Jay EN049
  • Linzi Jay EN040
    Linzi Jay EN040
  • Linzi Jay EN306
    Linzi Jay EN306
  • Linzi Jay EN319
    Linzi Jay EN319
  • Linzi Jay EN335
    Linzi Jay EN335
  • Linzi Jay EN339
    Linzi Jay EN339
  • Linzi Jay EN344
    Linzi Jay EN344
  • Linzi Jay EN356
    Linzi Jay EN356
  • Linzi Jay EN363
    Linzi Jay EN363
  • Linzi Jay EN372
    Linzi Jay EN372
  • Linzi Jay EN376
    Linzi Jay EN376
  • Tiffanys Rebecca
    Tiffanys Rebecca
  • Tiffanys Topaz
    Tiffanys Topaz
  • Venus BM1262
    Venus BM1262
  • Venus BM1267
    Venus BM1267
  • Venus BM1434
    Venus BM1434
  • Venus BM1563
    Venus BM1563
  • Venus BM1575
    Venus BM1575
  • Venus BM1683
    Venus BM1683
  • Venus BM1712
    Venus BM1712
  • Venus BM1728
    Venus BM1728
  • Venus BM1729
    Venus BM1729
  • Venus BM1729b
    Venus BM1729b
  • Venus BM1732
    Venus BM1732
  • Venus BM1737
    Venus BM1737
  • Venus BM1775
    Venus BM1775
  • Venus BM1838
    Venus BM1838
  • Venus BM1891
    Venus BM1891
  • Venus BM2012
    Venus BM2012
  • Venus BM2061
    Venus BM2061
  • Venus BM2068
    Venus BM2068
  • Venus BM2071
    Venus BM2071
  • Venus BM2071b
    Venus BM2071b
  • Venus BM2081
    Venus BM2081
  • Tia
  • Venus BM2081b
    Venus BM2081b
  • Venus BM943604
    Venus BM943604
  • Venus DX1369
    Venus DX1369
  • Venus SP3333
    Venus SP3333
  • Venus SP3335
    Venus SP3335
  • Linzi Jay EK040
    Linzi Jay EK040
  • Linzi Jay EK0409
    Linzi Jay EK0409

We Can Help

Probably the only time girls will be happy to wear the same or similar dresses so don’t be bewildered by the enormous range of styles, colours and options available for outfitting bridesmaids. We will help put it together whether you go for matching styles with different colours or matching colours with different styles.

We stock a wide range of beautiful bridesmaid dresses by Linzi Jay, Venus and Tiffanys. Flick through the examples of their dresses we show here to get a quick idea but do set some time aside to go through the enormous ranges shown on their websites.

  • Dozens of individual styles
  • Up to 80 colours and colour combinations
  • Adult, junior maid and flower girl options
  • Sizes from UK 2 to 40
  • To suit ages from 2 to 102!

Flower Girls

Linzy Jay flowergirls dresses from £115

If you want your flower girls to match you or the bridesmaids, Linzi Jay makes dresses for girls up to twelve years old in the same style and enormous range of colours and options. You will get the idea when you flick through the images here showing the girls with the bridesmaids and can see more options on the Linzi Jay website

Time Line

Brides­maids Allow 12 weeks from order to deliv­ery – but there is a rush cut option of 6 weeks.

Flower Girl dresses are made to order and can be made closer to the wed­ding; how­ever we need to allow for growth spurts and we will advise on the latest date you should order.


Prices on our adult brides­maid dresses from £140.
Flower-girl and juni­or maid dresses start at £115.

Cur­rent Offers

How to dress the Mat­ron of Hon­our for free!

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