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Sarah Belle Bridal

Swindon and Southwest Wedding & Prom Gowns

Swindon and Southwest Wedding & Prom Gowns


Veils & Tiaras

Top Brit­ish design house Richard Designs sup­plies our styl­ish grace­ful veils. Each one is made to order with soft flow­ing tulle so that it com­ple­ments the bride’s dress and the look she wants to create.

Tiaras aren’t just for prin­cesses — even if they were, every bride is a prin­cess for at least a day. Sparkle in your hair helps lift the sparkle in your dress and makes it light up.

We have a wide range of gor­geous tiaras, combs, hair spir­als and side-pieces. With prices between £5 and £80 you’d be crazy not to come and try.

With co-ordin­at­ing jew­ellery for the bride, brides­maid and flower girl, we know we can add that fin­ish­ing touch to your wed­ding party’s attire.

A veil helps to frame a dress and cre­ates a dream-like halo. It can add extra sparkle and detail to the back of the dress and acts as a com­fort blanket to those who aren’t con­fid­ent in expos­ing their shoulders and upper arms. 

Wis­dom Born of Obser­va­tion – Sarah Courtney-Green

Cur­rent Offers

Find out how to get brides veil and tiara for half price!


We love shoes and have in store a wide range of fab­ulous bridal, brides­maid and prom shoes.

From sweet bal­let pumps for the young ones (or even for the bride) and clas­sic medi­um heels, to shoes covered in crys­tals or lace, mega heels, vin­tage wedges and sparkly prom heels – you’ll love our range. With prices from £30 to £99 you’ll be amazed and inspired.

Many of our shoes are dye­able sat­in, so we can match any col­our scheme. You might be sur­prised to know how many brides love to wear a flash of col­our under their dress!

I don’t know who inven­ted high heels, but all women owe him a lot !

Mar­ilyn Monroe

Ideas & Inspir­a­tion for the Big Day